Six Cardinal Rules for Success in Social Media Marketing


The immensely popular social media networks are poised to be powerful marketing tools for business of all types and sizes to gain a more favorable market presence and bottom line. It is imperative for modern businesses today to consider embracing social media in their marketing strategies to secure a strong market position and stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market. Big businesses have been known to close down without social media marketing as new rivals emerge in the market to take down established players easily.

Social media marketing success

This is the season for social media networks to shine in businesses with their millions of followers and users. Businesses that get on this bandwagon lack no customer base to fuel their sales and profit margin. Modern businesses cannot remain static with outdated traditional marketing strategies and approaches which can hurt them today, although these methods worked in the past.

The success of social media marketing stems from its wide circle of followers and users who are ready to support the business offerings. Social media marketing success is not about creating a Facebook page or have a LinkedIn account with tweets and blogs; there is more to ensure that a business succeed with the right marketing campaigns involving social media on the Internet.

The aspiring modern business owner today can manipulate social media effectively without spending too much time, effort or money to reap huge rewards. When the online marketer is equipped with the right tools and tips, success in any online business with social media marketing can be expected quickly.

Cardinal rules of success

If an online marketer applies the following six cardinal rules carefully and proactively, the business can jumpstart to another notch of success easily and quickly. As these rules are applied, the business credibility increases in leaps and bounds while common business pitfalls are avoided to reduce the learning curve and cost. Optimal results are achieved when these 6 rules are abided by as the marketer or business owners manipulate social media networks in a dynamic manner.

1) Right Concept on social media marketing

Success in social media marketing can only come about when the right concept of this marketing tool is correctly understood before application; the first being social media posts should not be construed as business advertisements. Hard selling on social media networks do not bring in the big bucks. Modern consumers are seeking useful and relevant information that adds value to their lives today instead of being bombarded with products and services they do not need or want.

Social media is a great platform for connectivity and communication as well as dissemination of interesting and helpful information. Consumers want relevant and fresh facts that entertain and enhance their lifestyle. Business offerings should be a byproduct of social media to keep the credibility of the business owner and company high in the market. Online conventional advertising can make use of PPC or CPA marketing options.

2) Scheduled postings to inform

Again, the social media networks form the platform to disseminate relevant information to the targeted market by the business owner or marketer to establish its presence in the market. Hence, it is crucial for the online marketer to be disciplined in posting fresh and interesting information regularly on selected social media sites that would captivate its audience. This regular posting would generate an expectation from the audience that would not need to waste their time waiting for the postings.

Such a schedule also helps the business owner or marketer to manage their time better; there would be more time to indulge in other aspects of life or business as desired by the business owner or marketer.

3) Consistency and persistency

Success in any business comes with loads of patience and endurance. A business owner needs to exercise consistency and persistency to reap success. This applies to businesses using social media marketing. The millions of social media followers do not blindly follow or support a business entity or its products and services unless trust and respect are established between the parties.

Time would reveal these virtues to establish the integrity of the company and its owners or marketers. These virtues can only be ushered in with consistent effort and patience in developing genuine and strong relationships with the targeted audience from social media sites.

4) Apply technology

Online social media sites are expanding its circle of influence through the emergence of modern and progressive technologies. The smart business owner or marketer needs to embrace new technologies that can benefit their business operations and bottom line. Leveraging on new technology can save the marketer time and money with a quicker ROI. Aggregator programs speed up the posting of articles on multiple social media sites for a quicker effect. The available features empower the marketer to monitor the postings and outcomes easily for greater marketing success.

5) Realistic goals

The success of a business using social media marketing comes from a customer base that is capable to support the modus operandi of the business over time to keep the business in operation; if not in top market positions. Realistic business goals and objectives are necessary to keep the business direction in clear view with the right marketing approaches adopted via social media networking.

Cost effective marketing plan blueprints need to be in place to assist business owners and marketers in working out the plan for the desired goals and objectives to be met.

6) Return on investment

The last cardinal rule to enjoy success in social media marketing for any business is to adopt comfortable financial investment limits that can generate a satisfactory ROI in a specific or expected timeframe. A small business may have limited funds to invest in but small steps can be taken to reap low fruits before expanding to bigger rewards. Although engaging social media is ideal to propel the business forward with great ROI expected, some business owners, managers and marketers are not capable of holding the fort in this technology based marketing approach. Hence, outsourcing services may be required.

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