Mobile Marketing – 5 Great Tips For Advertising Your Business Via Mobile

mobile marketing 

As mobile marketing takes a stronger position in the marketing strategies of modern businesses today, business owners and managers need to identify some great tips in cost effective advertising via the mobile tools and devices. Mobile marketing stands poised to give modern businesses an unfair advantage to connect with targeted customers and potential leads that would boost the bottom line of companies.

Every business today can enjoy great benefits via mobile marketing using the following 5 great tips.

1) Acknowledge the greater scope

Smart business entities would strategize to capitalize on this exciting and vibrant tool that allows cost effective up-selling as well as cross-selling in an easier mode. Brand awareness is easily created with a strong company image as new products and smart services are introduced to offer higher savings and efficiency to consumers. This prompts consumers to spend more to benefit the bottom lines of companies promoting their wares via mobile devices.

Market research shows that 93% of Americans alone possess at least one mobile phone or device which is kept in close proximity. Their cell phone is on 24 hours to receive incoming messages and calls, especially with business consumers who need to stay connected. Mobile phones are pervading the market space to enlarge the customer circle for any business that is smart enough to grab the opportunity to reach a wide audience at low cost effectively.

The billions of potential customers in the marketplace are just too attractive for any business entity not to embrace mobile marketing to propel their business forward.

2. Reaching out to more customers

The engagement of mobile marketing via mobile devices may mean invading the personal space of consumers, but this is part of an effective marketing strategy that businesses should explore to be felt and known in the market. Every effective marketing campaign must bring about the desired outcomes for the business entity making an investment through it. It is great to note the large scope of potential customers in the market but many innovative and competitive businesses would capitalize on this huge group of consumers to benefit themselves before others do. This is the survival of the fittest in a business where more and more business entities are jumping onto the bandwagon and flourishing easily through modern technology. Large and established business companies can close shop easily if left behind with the latest modern technology to speed up their business activities for a healthier ROI.

If the proper mobile marketing campaign is activated correctly, its effects can be tremendous on the business company. More consumers would get to know of its brand, products and services with a better image formed. This is a great investment at the small cost incurred with SMS marketing which is part of mobile marketing.

3) Professional advertising

Even though mobile marketing can be very effective in a company’s marketing plan, it should be used wisely to avoid a backlash. Sending out too many text messages to the customer may not augur well, unless the message is relevant to the recipient. Messages that are too long are difficult to read as there is a limit to the number of characters allowed in a text message on a mobile device. Consumers are not happy with truncated messages and may turn off or delete future messages from the same company.

Hence, it is crucial to manipulate mobile marketing wisely without being annoying. A wise business owner or manager would identify its target audience that would incline towards their wares and services to enjoy a lower cost in mobile advertising as well as a higher ROI. Mobile devices today offer a direct connection to current and potential customers, but many consumers want to maintain their privacy as much as possible instead of being bombarded with sales promotions. The right engagement of mobile marketing with short and precise, relevant text messages would win the favor of customers who appreciate the company’s efforts to keep them informed about potential savings without causing the relationship to turn sour.

4) Identify niche markets

Every business that wants to make use of mobile marketing should identify its target groups of consumers to avoid high advertising and marketing costs as well as incur the wrath of consumers who do not find any relevance from the mobile promotions. It is advisable to allow an “opt-in” or “opt-out” option feature in any effective mobile marketing campaign that would shortlist potential customers than hitting in the dark for the right customers.

It is impossible to reach every consumer in the market; hence, wise business managers evaluate and select those who can boost their business sales and profits without incurring too much cost, time and effort. Niche markets identified can bring enough sales to the company to generate a healthy profit and brand image quickly to allow the business company steers its marketing campaign in the right direction.

5) Incorporate incentives and rewards

Almost no consumer does anything for free nowadays in today’s materialistic world and fast-paced lifestyle with modern technology. Modern consumers must be wooed and allured to react and respond positively towards the much thought marketing campaign. It is necessary to entice targeted customers to come on board the business platform with incentives and reward schemes.

Different companies may offer different reward schemes to motivate their targeted customers to join their league. Freebies are becoming common entities in business promotion participations. These include discount vouchers and redemption gifts with expiry dates. Free gifts can be offered to those who buy over a certain volume or introduce new members to the company on their mailing list. This is one way in which companies can grow their customer database without incurring extra cost for such important data.

A successful mobile marketing campaign is one that generates fast returns on investment without incurring too much cost or effort. Every company that employs mobile marketing needs to measure and test the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in terms of customer responses, opinions and sales.

The most effective mobile marketing campaign may need some tweaking over time to cater to the changing needs and demographics of consumers as technology changes.

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